Life- A Journey: Create your OWN


Life,one simple word but very complicated to understand.

The combination of so many moments make a life. Sometimes the life takes lot of turns and it makes life more progressive and enchanting. Every decision makes the life more worthy, decision matters. Imagine you have 10000$ and somehow you lost 10$. What will you do?…Will you lose your 9990$ thinking about lost 10$ or will you think about remaining amount?..You will keep it safe. Same way one minute of disturbance, teasing destroy your precious time. It kills your happiness. Every moment matters. Weak people takes the revenge, strong people forgives and intelligent people ignores.

Change is necessary, it’s a need of every person to begin newly. Sometimes life takes at that mode where the pain is at night note, problems surround you. So at that time changing you positively for better cause makes you go on, because moving on forward is the best way. Problems are always temporary,so be happy always. Stars cannot shine without darkness similarly life cannot shine without pain. Pain is gain.

Love the life you got. Life is a beautiful thing to be felt. Happiness in that life makes the world more mesmerizing. Happiness is not something you postpone for the future, its that you design today,your present. Every person should be child in oneself without resentment,without attachment full of love and life.

Create your own world, be the change you want to see in this world. Sparkle your directions with fire and passion filled with confidence. Enjoy the journey of greatness called life.




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