The Secret: Discovering YOU

YOU: Everything that defines your life.

There is so much to learn from single event. Our one decision makes or mars the life. The two paths leading to same destination but one shortcut and other a long way, which will you decide? The intuition generally leads to a shortcut, but that way will have temporary gains and few side effects. But a long way will always help you throughout your life, giving lessons from time to time.

Similarly, two paths with different destination, which one to decide? Only one way, follow where your heart says, where you have interest in, where you will feel respected and comfortable.

Every day you will have one thank you and one sorry. One thank you to realize that there is someone for us and one sorry for us to improve our life.

Just contemplate 2 minutes of a day on you. Think what you did today, were my actions, my decisions correct and worthy, how can I improve more. It is really very ideal situation to think upon, but sometimes necessary to give this 2 minutes for yourself, just for “you”.

Whatever happens in your life happens for good, with a reason.  So enjoy every single moment to explore everything new. Accept every situation, and keep the life going on…

Keep on…keeping on…

Life is taking twists and turns, the future is unpredictable.

Always have plan B ready, when you decide for plan A. This doesn’t show disbelief in you but being prepared to any situation always make you a champion.

When I was preparing for JEE advance, I was very sure of qualifying it since I worked very hard for it, even I had sleepless nights. Because of this exam, I dint gave attention to other exams. And the result gave me a lesson for life. Sometimes the Plan B is always necessary. My hard work although dint work for JEE advance but helped me in taking admission in nit. Sometimes it’s a matter of luck. As I said, every event in our life is for reason. Enjoy the life. And now I can say, taking admission in nit was the best decision I ever made. Life will lead you to a perfect destination, only you need to have a belief in your dreams.

For every action, neither be over confident nor be under confident but always have confidence.

The strong faith in you is what always required. Being a champion than a winner is life. Because a champion is always a winner of their life.

Whatever you give to the nature, it will be returned to you. Spread the happiness, goodness and see the nature returns you the same.

Always be the happiest fellow in this world. Let every moment be memorable. Love the life you got. This life has something very special that you have never guessed for. Every day is a gift for you, live it to the fullest.Silhouette of hiking man jumping over the mountains


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