Is look more important?

f5d0ac5833e32e01948d38bbba3206beDoes look matters with respect to personality and nature of an individual…

Even in this highly developed world, some people judge according to how a person looks? Is the society so mediocre? The humanity is so long to be heed upon that it is found in rare population.

Looks don’t define how the person is, it is not a definition actually. The inner soft heart makes the person. The person with great attitude, the best personality may not have good looks but that person can have the best presentation and can succeed the best of the rest. The humanity demands the person with pure heart and righteous mind, love the world and in return world will love you. The more you give to the society, the more you receive.

Every person find his companion who is good at nature, who cares for others(actually saying: a friend in need is a friend indeed, a thought learnt at school level). Sometimes helping anyone each day makes that day so special. In this world, spreading the humanity is what required.I agree the looks sometimes matters, but that is not the basis of judging anyone.

Love the life you get. Love all the people who come in your life, because they are there for some reason, to live forever or to give a lesson for life. Love the inner heart of every person, even your enemy, because heart directs you to a correct destination.

The life is very demanding, it wants the best every time. Try to reach the perfection, one day you will be proud of whatever you have. Have a simple rule in the life, to have a justice with whatever you do. Decisions are important, try to take the best out of it.

And remember looks are temporary, heart is permanent. Find the heart in every person, your life will give the best phase.


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