Friendship:my choice

68764801-friends-wallpapersFriendship such a beautiful word, how to describe? Friendship is love connected with heart, family by choice, and what not? Every person have the friend circle where he is most comfortable, where he can be himself, no restrictions, no excuses, loving the life fully.

Have you ever noticed that you always get the friends similar to your nature, somewhere they match you. At every point of life the friend circle changes, but the friendship remains forever. The friends at school, then came college, next company friends.Friends make moments, they share the greatest gift with us i.e happiness at every little moment.

Once in my school, my cycle’s chain was driven out. I was tensed. I just called one of my friend to recover it, and I remember whole class came running to just help me. That scene always comes in front of my eyes, eager to see that friends again. But life takes them away for the purpose of studying or jobs or migration. Still the friends will always remain like a diamond, most precious, connected by heart and now by networking too.

Leaving this friends was very difficult after tenth, but life must go on. Joining another institute brought new friends in life. First time in my life I had hostel friends and bringing lunch box for them was most nice job for me. Inviting them to home for lunch and fun elevated our friendship. I got a new prospective to the definition of friendship. When we were at peak again we had to separate ourselves since college ave a new beginning.

College had the best experience. Friends from all over the country with different culture different thoughts was amazing. According to me friends are not for a reason, they are for pleasure,for life and to love. Where ever you go there will be relation of friendship but to maintain it we need to keep trust, respect and forgiveness. Because they make you laugh they make you feel special and they are with you always at any cost. In college I got my most wonderful gang which was again separated due to different branches. But again life must go on. Again due to many events in our college I got my team to work with, my people I used to call them. My first birthday that I celebrated with friends with a surprise was with this gang. The real friendship is now changed. you don’t need to be together but creating memories together is what friendship.

Friendship don’t require barriers, they just need bonding forever. They are always with you.Whenever you desire for them, they just come there leaving everything aside. Friends the best word in life that makes life best. Friends are the angels, they are the miracle, they are the love. They are the secret of the life.

Dedicated to all my friends who made my life such a wonderful journey and again the life must go on with new friends with new directions. Always preserve the old friends and Reach the peak with new friends.


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