Fear of losing(new beginning) – 2

Life is a challenge, ups and downs are the part of it. It gives lots of experience…learn from it otherwise they will have no meaning.

When everything seems to be against us,one ray of hope surely comes changing the life permanently. That day you feel like living for that day. And in the situation i was going, i understood what was finally happening.

Just roaming along the streets i saw construction of a house going on…then a thought came to my mind, what if they would behave like me,not interested to do their job and enjoy their luxury, the house will not be completed in time. Time is a basic factor, time requires to handle the situation and same is required to adjust the problems. We have a saying- Samay se pehle aur nasib se jyada na kissi ko mila hai aur nahi kabhi milega (no one will ever get the required result before time and beyond destiny). Time was the solution for everything…

When you really want something to get resolved, nature helps you. When life was taking this turns, a miracle happened, because first positivity creeped. On the occasion of  Diwali (the festival of lights) some school friends unknowingly came to my home, they distributed the sweets, and said “how’s life going, you must be the topper now also… we used to get inspired by you…how much you struggled to be a topper…it was lovely to have a friend like you.” This lines amazed me.

When i was in 7th std i was an average student, with very few friends. At that time i went to eleven day trip to Hyderabad with topper of my class and very intelligent seniors. I never went alone for a trip ever. That was the first such experience. Living with them, learning from them the way they used to live, they worried for the days they missed in school, they had so many friends that they used to enjoy with anyone. After the trip got over, i became like them. My first sentence after coming from the trip was “I missed the studies during the trip period and now i should work for that.” My parents were puzzled seeing the change in me. At the time of that trip, the topper friends of mine, became my best friends. They helped in every difficult problems,i started studying and where maths was my weakest subject, i was the topper at the end of semester. I topped in 2 subjects more. Life gave a different dimension. I looked into studied more than the time pass i was doing. Eventually i topped from that year onwards, i made lots of friends. That trip gave me a lesson, it gave me experience that gave me a focus for life. Engineering became passion, i choose to give JEE. And finally i got the best engineering college. 


I thought after this, if you want some inspiration, see your or someone’s past, you will get a proper direction. Now that crush became temporary, because i started studying again,with new energy and new enthusiasm. The days for final exams were less…around 15 days.  But working hard at this moment was priority, i kept my phone away from me, and i could control over my feelings…over me. Motivation comes from within, if your goal is fixed and you really want to work  for it, then nothing can stop you from doing this. Start of a work is important. And so i did, i again started enjoying my studies. Now i was with determination, to prove myself. I was with a lesson.I understood one more thing, live with those who really care about you. Even if friends are less, but have the best ones. Don’t open up all your secrets to everyone. I started to think maturely. 

The results were declared, i wasn’t the topper, but i was above 9 pointer, more over i was satisfied, the days i worked brought the results. It was a new start, and with some new goals, i was career oriented, internships were a new start for my life. Life was steadily leading towards success.

And about my crush, we were the best friends, and now also we are. My mom told me something about love. When you forget all your worries sitting beside him, his touch makes you feel the presence of heaven(where only you two exist) and he doesn’t becomes you distraction, rather becomes the purpose of success, when you feel proud staying with him whatever the conditions may be, then that’s love. And when you feel this,it that becomes the best feeling in the world. And so wait for that moment, let time decide his existence in you life, and enjoy to your fullest this life in whatever condition you are, with anyone you are and enjoy the ups and downs in your life. Because problems are temporary, they have to vanish someday. Just thinking about them wont make any sense, so give you a chance to move forward. Friends are the family you choose, so select the most wonderful friends, and yes do share with them your problems.

Life is so amazing, life is not about right or wrong, it is about how right or wrong your decisions are. Decisions matter, your future matters, and specially you matter. Experiences teach, so take the best in every opportunity.bill-cosby-quote



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