Wanted Love-1


The time sweeps long, when you feel to be near, destiny separates you. Do the space between two people deteriorate over time? Does the love fades when apart.

Alisha waiting for the taxi for a long time, arrives. She was in her dream city New-York with newly placed job after four years of rigorous hard-work and her big dreams. Enjoying every scene, its beauty was filling in her heart. She achieved what she deserved. She was dropped to her room. She relaxed after the long journey. And the bell rang, there was he, Rehan. The phone in her hands fell down, there was the silence  in the aroma, their eyes were deep into each other. And the memories went deep in the thoughts.

The journey began 2 years before. Rehan was a very popular guy of his college, intelligent and handsome. His family already had the business emperor setup. His parents used to stay in Delhi and he was in his college in Mumbai. His dream was to give a new start to his dreams, with his own set-up. His popularity and intelligence in college was enough for any job placement. The time was going swift.

Rehan after his 2nd year decided to do the internship in his own college. His college was very popular and doing internship in his college was a great opportunity for anyone’s future.Many students from all over the country came in this college for the internship. The projects were given which has to be completed within time span of two and a half months in a group of two. Rehan got the project too but his partner wasn’t there. Everyone started their project,three hours passed and finally Rehan lost his patience, he went to manager of the project to change his partner. Before he could enter the cabin, there she was Alisha…came running…and he stared at her continuously…her one step towards him, made him feel jubilant, the first sight crush. Then shaking him, she asked “Hi, I am Alisha, here for the internship project, can you help me?  And where is Mr. Rehan? I am his partner, and I don’t know where all are working.” Hearing this the happiness in his eyes converted to anger on his face, and shouted her for her late entry. She apologized since the traffic and flight delay was its cause. In this way, the story started.

Ahead, two days were very difficult to adjust between them, they fought for every silly topic. Rehan was irritated by her endless talks and she was frustrated by his ego. Their togetherness disturbed everyone working there.

One fine night, they worked for long hours, everyone left. And the security guard without noticing anyone inside, closed the door. After some time, Alisha noticed that they were locked from outside, They got panic, no one had the contact number of security guard, still they managed to call the manager, and said they have to wait for that. And again the endless fight began, irritated by this, Alisha said to stop this. She told him to tell about his life, his schooling, his college and his dreams. Rehan ignored this, but instead of waiting he preferred telling his life stories. And the chatting started, The things he would never share with anyone, he shared with her. Alisha also spoke about her past,present and her dreams. For the first time they spoke clearly and friendly. Waiting for around 2 hours, security guard opened the door. They were out but this time with the flavor of happiness.

From the next day the work seemed to be really a project work, they started newly. The progress was ahead of everyone. They started sharing friendship bond. Being from the same city, Rehan used to show the city spots every weekend. He got a new and a  different kind of friendship for the first time. They became best friends. Alisha was beautiful with brains, childish but matured at times. Her innocence and acting used to go side by side. She used to live her life to the fullest.Her family was most prior for her, and only goal of her life was to make her dreams successful.

One month passed, their project was on verge of finishing earlier than others just because of their hard work.One pleasant night after the work, they started roaming in the city. They enjoyed the whole night, danced in the unexpected rain. Rain brings people together, and this time it was with Alisha and Rehan. Dancing there, Alisha just slipped over the water,and got tightly hold by Rehan. The music in their minds started to whistle ,their heart pumped faster, the mere feeling of love started growing. Rehan dropped Alisha at hostel,  they waved each other in the silence of night. The moment was lost in the feelings and their memories till now. The night was sleepless for both.

The next day, Alisha came to the workplace, Rehan was waiting for her, they started the day, but it was different from previous days. The feeling was different and wanted,there were fights but love was in air. Two weeks passed, and their love was getting deeper, although no one confessed. Rehan tried to convey his feelings, but had all unsuccessful attempts. And the day arrived when everything changed.

Continued in next part…


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