Wanted Love-2

When you forget all your worries sitting beside him, his touch makes you feel the presence of heaven(where only you two exist) and he doesn’t becomes you distraction, rather becomes the purpose of success, when you feel proud staying with him whatever the conditions may be, then that’s love. And when you feel this,it that becomes the best feeling in the world.


There comes Alisha’s birthday. Rehan with a surprise to Alisha planned a mid night party for her, invited the colleagues and enjoyed a lot. This birthday was very special for her. Life was taking unexpected turns. The day was so well planned by Rehan such that everything was perfect for them to enjoy the company. The first planned date was designed. Wearing the most pretty dress, Alisha came at the spot,where the decoration was marvellous , candles were waving their flames with the wind, different type of aroma was spread. Rehan’s eyes were just staring her.

This night only belonged to them. Rehan did some dance moves and romantically gave her a red rose. The night was just filled with fragrance with love. Rehan asked her for the dance. They danced lovingly with pleasant music in the background. Rehan hugged her tightly. Alisha was blushing. There was a silence in their hearts with just stroke of love for each other. Rehan kissed her and proposed her. It was one of the best moment they ever experienced. Expecting her answer in back, Rehan waited and looked at her, she confessed her true love for him. The night was dazzling.This love was special because it contained the ingredient of friendship.

The next two weeks were notable, their presence was enough for day being well spent. But something changed the current situation. Alisha loved Rehan a lot, but they would have long distance relationship since different college and different cities. Alisha has seen many cases where relations end up when apart, and they find a different partner. She was worried. She was also concerned about her career, her family, her job. Finally she decided to talk to Rehan. She explained him about her case, she told that she want to focus on her dreams, and want this relation to be more like friendship. She dint intentioned to hurt his feeling,even she loved him but priorities were different. Rehan was moved. His life was changed because of Alisha. He truly loved her too, but it was not possible to change the situation.

The next day was different, there was a different feeling, they loved but couldn’t express, Alisha showed her compassion like a friend, but Rehan couldn’t. He spoke just little. Finally their project was over, their internship was appreciated by everyone. She was leaving Mumbai with a big heart, she was keeping her heart back there. The time was for her train. Rehan came to the station to drop her, their hearts were pumping like hell. She was standing out of the train , her eyes were searching him. Lost in her emotions, she ran back to hug him for the last time. She thought it would be the last meet they had. She said,”Rehan, I love you very much. But my dreams and family is also important. You are my lifeline, but this distance will separate us.” Tears rolled from his eyes. With a broken connection which seemed Alisha left.

Six months passed, they dint met. Rehan was missing her a lot, and used to call her at times, they used to talk for hours, but always ended up with tears. Rehan was challenging, he never want to lose her. Finally he decided to visit her city in december, when they have a one month winter break. Rehan surprised her with his visit, that day was very special, they met almost after six months. He wanted to be her forever. He came there with a plan. Doing one large project together, and submitting it to her dream company would guarantee their job there. Since that company do not come for campus placement in her college, Rehan thought this would be the best way to be close to her and fulfil her dreams. He told her about this, she agreed and they both went to Mumbai for one month to do this project. She never thought they will meet like this and their destiny have decided to reach up like this.

For the whole one month they worked really hard. She realized that getting away from this will never work, in spite being together, they could achieve whatever they wish. His presence was the only thing she wished, he wasn’t the distraction for her career, rather the purpose of her life. She was feeling guilty of her behavior but thought to move ahead.

Finally they submitted their work, it got accepted by the company and with the interviews ahead, company accepted their internship in summer term with a pre-placement offer. Alisha was very excited about this. Because her dreams were becoming true. Rehan’s support in her life was leading to a different high level each time.

In the next summer, they joined in one of the company’s branch in India. They were praised for their work, their skills and their together work. This time their love was getting deeper, they could understand each other feelings. They were having the perfect life. The long distance relation wasn’t affected till now.

They were very happy with each other. But after the internship got over, the situation changed again. It was their final year. Their phone calls decreased, their chatting, Skype conversation got reduced. Alisha used to call him daily, but Rehan could not give time for her. She was confused. Alisha tried to handle this relationship giving her best, but something was missing. She finally understood the real cause, that was something Rehan was responsible for.

Continued in next part…




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