Wanted Love-3

The love that was pure but apart, was it faded, was the effect diluted? The dilemma in the understanding was powerful than the true heart feelings. When this was decoded, world seemed to be pure and feelings were angelic.


Rehan after his internship went to his home. His parents were annoyed, they always wanted their son to continue their business, and hiding this internship from his family, was a great despair for them. And eventually they came to know about Alisha, and his father felt Rehan’s madness for her would result into their business loss. They kept Rehan away from Alisha’s calls, there wasn’t any other way they could contact each other. There was a strict action taken on him, Rehan’s parents wanted their son to go ahead and increase their business and forget all his past time-pass. But Rehan’s love was true, they misunderstood him. Even they shifted to Mumbai for a year to keep a watch on him.

Alisha unknown of this was heart-broken. Later she came to know about this, she tried to contact him, but wasn’t successful. The final year was tough for both. The projects and seminars was covering  the whole schedule. Alisha’s love for him never reduced, but she was always wondering for the miracle to meet Rehan. They were placed in the same company, two months before the actual job had to be started, she called him finally. Rehan picked the phone, his words totally broke Alisha from inside,she never expected such answer from Rehan. He said,”Alisha, you were my waste of time, I don’t want to continue this talks and want to follow my dreams and want to continue my father’s business. Sorry.” And he ended. Alisha was moved. She decided she don’t want any favour from him, and will not join the job. But her father realized her that “You got the job due to your hard-work, your skills, so quitting this would lose you, so forget the past, future belongs to you, an always remember, whatever happens, happens for the good. ” This seemed a support to her and finally she decided to go on this venture alone. She just want to go ahead now, for her family.

It was the time to fly to her dream city New-York ,with her dream-job. Her eyes were just filled with confidence. Her parents were very proud of her achievement.

Alisha waiting for the taxi for a long time, arrives. She was in her dream city New-York with newly placed job after four years of rigorous hard-work and her big dreams. Enjoying every scene, its beauty was filling in her heart. She achieved what she deserved. She was dropped to her room. She relaxed after the long journey. And the bell rang, there was he, Rehan. The phone in her hands fell down, there was the silence  in the aroma.

Alisha was blank. She immediately closed the door. Alisha just cried out her lungs. After some time, she calmed down and thought to take a walk in the city. She opened the door and was shocked to see Rehan back. Rehan followed her wherever she went. Irritated by this, she finally asked him what’s going? He just replied “Sorry.” Alisha ignoring this went to her room.

Next day was Alisha’s new start, she was in the office, she was offered her new place. She was most happy at that moment. And the next moment got reversed. She saw Rehan sitting next to her place. They both were offered the same office cabin. She asked Rehan “Why here? What about your business, and why that sorry? Indeed why me?” Rehan told her he would explain her everything but he wanted a chance. After many requests, she agreed. They met in the evening.

Alisha was very angry, but at some corner of her heart she felt emotional about Rehan. As soon as he came there, she shouted on him, spelt out every feeling she had from last two months. Rehan however stopped her and told her everything. Rehan’s parents were not allowing him to talk to Alisha, but he loved her so much. Rehan lied to his father, now he no more loves her and is wiling to join their business. For his parents he had forgotten Alisha. But Rehan’s plan were different. When Alisha called him for the job, he rudely replied because his dad were present there. He tried to call Alisha but she had blocked him. Finally Rehan started his plan, he left the house for their business which was in New-York, but his parents were unaware of Alisha’s job was there in New-York too. Rehan managed both his jobs working day and night. He knew that Alisha would come here, and so did it happen. Rehan loved her like anything, and he could do anything for her. Hearing this Alisha was speechless. She couldn’t control her feelings, and just hugged him. There was utter silence in the atmosphere for few minutes. They went back home hand in hand happily. The moment was most romantic for Alisha, because Rehan was here only for her.

The days passed lovingly with each other. Somehow Rehan’s father came to know about this, they in anger left for New-York. As they arrived here, they met with the car accident, and accidentally Alisha was there at same place, she took him to the hospital. He had a minor injury. He was very thankful and impressed with her. After his leave from hospital, Rehan’s father directly went surprisingly to meet Rehan. Rehan was in his cabin in his own company at that time. Rehan used to come to his company on weekends and in the afternoon after his work at other company would get over. Seeing his father there, Rehan was shocked and his anger and shoutings raised the temperature. At the same time, Alisha arrived. His father was surprised to see her here. Rehan introduced her to his father. The anger got diluted because there was the different aura in her eyes and he was already impressed by her. Rehan told him the whole story, his anger totally neutralized and realized their true love for each other. He was happy, and told his son to continue the job at other company, when he feels like joining this one, he can. Rehan and Alisha’s dream was to have their own startup, but after the experience from the this company.

Alsiha and Rehan were very happy. Finally they were together without any obstacles. After living  two years together, one day changed their lives.

Rehan again set a surprise for Alisha on her birthday. The day was totally similar to that day when he proposed her first time. And in the similar way, Rehan kneeled down, proposed her for the marriage. And of course she accepted. He kissed her and gifted her  the most beautiful ring. After this glorious moment, Alisha and Rehan’s parents entered. Rehan’s surprise was always a suspense for Alisha and this was the best one ever. And their wanted love was theirs finally. They were together and that was the most beautiful moment of their life.

It always ends happily, when it doesn’t,it’s not the ending. Hope for the best!!!


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