Emotional touch-Motherly love.

“Something is happening beyond reach. Not able to figure out the solution to get out of this dilemma. Happening only with me, why only me is hindering my mind. Whatever I do, the traverse is happening, and conflicting the situation. The feeling for every situation is murmuring with me and telling to lose hope and fail. The cruelty is flowing in the mind to destroy something.” This words explored like volcano when his mother asked what is going in his life.

Life was taking the big turns, he just wanted to run from the world. The job and people around him have created a great impact on his current life. He was at that mode where he wanted to quit.

His mom was worried. She believed to get normal everything soon and prayed for his son. His condition was seen unbearable by her from last four months. She thought ways to get him out of this.

She told him to write down everything what happened to him in this months, although he may feel pain,just because he only have the capacity to figure out about him. He denied. His mother told him to go out of city for few days or just for a day, but he denied again. The days were getting worse, finally she decided to take him along with her to his childhood place where he used to live with his mother. He denied this time also, but mother power was unstoppable this time. Getting there, he was amazed to see the place. His mother has changed the place to beautiful home for orphanage kids and old people. The life was supportive for both children and old people. This was kept a secret by his mother. She did this after they shifted to Canada for his further studies. And returning back to India, after so many years and meeting his family and friends was amazing. When they came there, his mother had invited those people and he enriched those moments with them. Meeting them, there was a smile on his face after almost four months.

His mother was very happy, she wanted him to get into these things and forget everything what was disturbing him. And she was succeeded. He was in the flow with his own people, their happiness used to be his once. His childhood was awesome with them and their compassion was on heels towards each other. after going to Canada, he had forgotten to live and just focus on future. His only intension was to move ahead and live for future. Coming here again he figured out what was making him lose.

Rather than focusing on present moments with our own people, he was concentrating on some other issue. Seeing those kids and old people, his remembered his kindness towards them in past. And now his cruelty was ruling him. He was king of his own disastrous mind. Sometimes, whatever happens, happens for the good. The thoughts in his mind were discovering the solutions for his problem. His loneliness was the biggest enemy of his life. And now his presence with his family and friends was the most happiest moment of his life. His mother was most happy. From teaching him values of life till the success he acquired, his mother was feeling emotional, her tears in the eyes spelled everything.

He just came to his mother,smiled and thanked. His words felt her heart. He said,” You are my everything, today you gave me my childhood memories and years before you gave me my best childhood. You taught me to win over everything and succeed, but money can’t replace the happiness that everyone deserves. Running after money became my only aim, to be most successful and this made me fall down in my own eyes. But now I am very thankful that you made me realize my fault. I want to settle here with my people and their happiness is my happiness. And your smile makes me feel the most happiest person ever. Mom you are great, I love you. ” The words touched her, tears cant stop rolling from her eyes and this was the day she was successful in giving his sons the best lesson and seeing his taking the most important decision. She was most happy and so was he.


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