The practicality!

People change, sometimes because they want to and sometimes because they had to. Many times it happens the life curses so much that the change becomes mandatory and changes the daily routine drastically.

Sometimes the positivity doesn’t help much, you need to be practical. Being positive is just a word to remain secure about ourselves, but when you face the challenge that changes the current scenario, loose the probability of your dreams, success and failure seems to be the big differentiating terms, and you curse luck, then you understand real practicality of life.

The situation is tough, it requires time to come out of that depression, that situation, everything seems to be completely abstract, may be you feel like quitting, but here the most important thing is to let pass the time. You can’t reverse the situation but you can wait, even that patience becomes demanding but the path needs some stop.

Here you may feel, “why me?” , but just wait, because everything you are going through is preparing you for what you asked for. You are getting a natural training. And just be in the flow, accept the changes, don’t just cry, be strong, wake up.

Your desires are the same, just you have to ensure to build a path, be prepared to work double, and this path will surely reach you to your destination, you believe it or not.

Something was stuck in your mind that resulted this situation, you did a mistake somewhere, rise up, introspect, and go ahead.

In the process one good thing will surely happen, that you will become down to earth, your ego, over confidence, extra attitude and a proud feeling will just burn up and you will become pure. So being at this stage will help you to wake up with extra energy , because here you are only concerned with getting into a position you want and may be you will learn a lot more that you have thought. Even this time will make you realize who were your close friends, and most importantly your parents are the greatest supporter in your life.

The stage is too difficult to pass, but you need to constantly be in the pace of rising up, because even moon needs to surrender to the sun and sun to moon and your struggle, your sacrifice was for your future. Ups and downs are a part of life, sometimes over downs come to have over ups in future.

Don’t have a let go approach, even if this chance wasn’t yours but try harder and don’t stop until you win. Although the opportunities that are lost can’t come again, but create such a personality that the greatest opportunity knocks your door, and still it doesn’t wish to come, then build your door yourself with you as an opportunity.

You can’t change your dreams, follow them so hardly that every direction will give a way to reach there. You may change in the process, so love your new look, new personality… a new YOU!

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