Mentality, the unanswered question!

The society progresses by individual’s good thoughts. When the thoughts are rubbish, there is no progress in humanity. Recently, some people were having discussion on maintenance of their building. And within few minutes, the discussion went to a huge mouth fight. One lady(xyz), kept 2 of the boys as paying guests, and so society demanded extra maintenance from her, but she denied, saying they are the relatives, and warned other people not to say any word to me. Later when some lady tried to oppose her, she was raged to fire. She got personal with the other lady. She just called her “bhikari” (beggar), because before coming to this building she used to live in rented house and now she took a loan from bank to live here. Now can anyone tell me, is it not the cheap mentality? The lady accused other lady of being a thief too, just to win over the argument. When some other lady spoke, who was the housewife, xyz started to yell at her, that “i have the respect in society, and people like you are nothing to me, so just don’t try to speak in between.” This words broke the silence of her husband, he was very angry. Now i question, being a house wife means no respect? Some people take this decision to nurture their children, some because of health issues, there are numerous reasons. No one in this society knows anyone completely, no one knows about their past, what is their current situation, and what is their future, what are their plans,etc. So how can anyone comment about an individual life? When that lady’s husband was about to say something, xyz’s husband was on the verge of hitting him, but other people stopped him. Xyz was completely ruling by her thoughts. Lodging a complaint was the last option, but still other people were worried and just ignored the issue again.

Is it the correct behavior? When you live in the society, follow the rules, and when you live on this earth, follow the humanity.

The mentality of such human beings, makes the society deteriorate. But karma reflects, worse with the worst and good with the good. Thoughts rule you, they make you and your future. The best thing in this world is happiness and inner peace(satisfaction). So, can anyone feel satisfied by saying such weird things? Can anyone sound sleep by cursing others? How can one feel after doing wrong things? Is guilt not touching their feet? There are a lot of questions which will remain unanswered.

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7 thoughts on “Mentality, the unanswered question!

  1. In fact there are umpteen questions which arise in everyday life everyday on which questions are asked and we’ve to answer these questions in order to live a life of substance and realise the purpose of our life.

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