The Complete dream

Is there anyone who is interested to hear night dreams? I am sharing this because, this dream changed my perspective completely about life. It was so much related to my last 5.5 years. Its quite interesting how i inferred!

The dream began with me playing some ball game with a large group of people standing in circular fashion at a ground. Those people were none other than my school friends, college friends and university friends, who were together with me since 5.5 years. I was engrossed in that atmosphere. Later we were headed to a beautiful and huge palace. Our task was to search a room where many precious things are kept, have to pick one of them and return to our bus. The one who comes first wins and is gifted that precious thing. Others gifts will vanish as soon as they reach main entrance. In order to increase the difficulty level, everyone had to dress in heavy dresses, sort of Rajasthani style with prolific jewellery (to avoid fast running).

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The race began. Everyone was in the search of the room. As the palace was colossal, it was very difficult to search the room. I was with my best friend. The quest was becoming interesting. And finally, me and my friend were the first one to reach the room. It was pattern locked. It was difficult to unlock. Then we remembered the way we came, and entered that pattern and yes, it worked. We were inside the room and the door closed again, because the pattern for every person depended on their path. We took one thing that attracted our attention and ran out from the other door. We were assured of winning, but obstacles are always a part. While running back, we met few friends, they asked us the way, and my best friend told them. I was furious about telling others. But now the secret was revealed. By the time we get out, many were having their gifts. The destination was close, but now a couple of intelligent friends told us to come with them through shortest path, and we agreed. We went behind them, we climbed some stairs, me and my friend were little confused, and doubted their way. Suddenly they tried to grab our gifts, and to save us and our gifts, we ran in the same way downstairs. We lost our way. But now we were out of palace but it was side entrance, and we had to reach the main entrance. In the parking we saw many buses waiting for the passengers, but which one was ours? My friend remembered something, I followed her. In the way, I thought a certain bus might be our bus, but my friend was confident of not being the correct one. We went forward and forward. And till the time we realize our move, the same bus was leaving with all our friends and a winner. We couldn’t do anything as we were far from the bus. We were completely lost, there was no way to go back.

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After some discussion, we thought to choose a certain way. And we started a journey walking. The place was unknown, the people were unknown and so was their language. No way of communication. But were longing to reach our home. Every path seemed different. We were very scared. The whole night we were searching for a way. 

The morning gave us new hope and new energy with hungry stomach. First we headed to eat, but without money. Seeing our pitiful faces, banana vendor gave us some bananas. And we left to find to our path, to reach our destination. And we met someone who could understand our language. He gave us lift to a certain point. We were thankful. The place was still unknown, but the language wasn’t. The day passed. And someone there  told us a certain way. At first I thought not to believe him, but had no choice. And I followed, there was nothing, a dead end. I was returning back, but there was a short passage to escape. And we crept in. There I found my dad and sister playing, and my mom taking their pictures. It was a pleasant scene, indeed I was very happy to see them. I ran to catch them, and i hugged my dad. The place was very beautiful, with water fountains, gardens, and the huge building. It was similar to Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, but certainly not the one. My dad was amazed to see me like this, because he dint knew our situation. I dint explain him either. Even my friend was safe with us. My sister being curious of the way I appeared, she hugged me at first, and took the gift from my pocket. 

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My friend remembered the same, but she couldn’t find her gift. But mine gift was safe in my pocket. The gift was supposed to vanish as soon as we were out of main gate, but it did not happened with me. I was surprised. And as soon as I took the gift in my hand, it sparkled. It was a wish stone. Since I was able to fulfill my desire to reach my people, it sparkled, and a note was written on it. “You will get what you desire wholeheartedly “. I was mesmerized. And I woke up from my dream. It was 6:30 in the cold morning.

This dream was totally related to my life. I was always enthusiastic about achievement. The dream unfolded some clues.

The starting part may be dealt with my friend circle and me being happy with them. The quest for the room indicated the races of life everyone is involved.  Everyone is in the competition to be at the top. And when one achieves the success, there is little eulogy, but more is the jealousy. Our kind nature sometimes may help others to reach their destination too. And there are some fake and artful friends who lead us away from our goal. They will take us to such a direction, from where our destination is more longing. And sometimes you go in the flow. When you realize, the path now has become more difficult. The path changes and sometimes you forget about your dream. I was always accompanied by my best friend, which may be indicating that there is always some person with me. But only listening to their thoughts, and not believing my instincts was the major mistake, otherwise it was a happy ending at the parking itself. Then the desire to reach home and the efforts to find a way, was the hard work to achieve a goal, which included (hunger) sacrifice, and perseverance. And the final destination of meeting my family, was the success. May be it also means, parents are always with us, no matter what our situation is. The gift that remained with me, was the confidence and faith in me, which had a proud and satisfied feeling of achieving my goal (that’s why it sparkled).

Now you may be thinking, how does it matches with the title? From the last 5.5 years, I am having the dreams, which end just before the end moment. That means, they never end peacefully, i could never reach the final destination and used to wake up just before getting success. I never had the complete dream.

Recently, I had a funky dream. I was headed towards going home. I met a baby girl who wanted to come with me, she was standing near my vehicle. And suddenly my vehicle got punctured. Then instead of going by some vehicle, I opted to go walking. And there were lots of challenges through my way. When i was very near to my home, the thing i fear the most, blocked my way. I could not escape. And the dream ended. It was one of the incomplete dreams I had. Here I would rather think of taking a cab in my real life, but it becomes funny in the dreams.

Since childhood I dreamed of driving a car in order to save the people inside it. Because the car would never have a driver and the car was in danger always . At the end moment, I used to get in the running car and could save them. These dreams were the regular customers, until I learned the car in my real life.

The story was a dream, and I wrote exactly the same that I dreamed. (I know it was pretty unimaginable and funny, but a dream). It just made me think of my real life dreams, the inference i drew from this dream and most importantly, this thought “You get what you desire wholeheartedly“.

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